Welcome to Alaska Audio Guides'
Seward Highway Adventure!

Are you visiting Alaska and want to get the inside story from locals?  At Alaska Audio Guides you've come to the right place.  


This easy to use audio guide was created for the Alaska visitor who wants to explore this National Scenic Byway at their own pace. Just start and stop or pause the guide at the indicated mile marker and you'll find it is just like having an Alaskan along as your own personal tour guide!

The audio guide comes as a CD Package or an MP3 Download. Be sure to get your FREE Map!

The Seward Highway Audio Guide includes:

+ 18 tracks that follow the Highway's mile markers, so you always know where you are.
+ More than 45 minutes of narration by Lori Townsend, well-known Alaska journalist 
+ The full-featured map and guide highlights activities, wildlife viewing, glacier hiking and more.
+ Fun Alaska facts and photos of what you’ll see along the way
+ Start and stop the Guide at any time and never miss a thing!  

Snow capped mountains, bald eagles, hemlock forest hikes, gold panning and much more awaits you on the Seward Highway. Let Alaska Audio Guides will show you the way.